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What is Business Kinesiology?

Did you know that everything in life is made up of energy?

And that everything in life follows a cycle?

So too, does your business.

One of the most common problems that I see so many business owners make, is that they are often so caught up in the “HOW“.

Like, “how am I going to attract more clients?”

“How am I going to pay my staff?”

“How can I come up with more content for social media?”

The problem with getting caught up in this is that it can start a never-ending cycle of fear, doubt and negativity, especially when things are not going as well as you’d like.

Unfortunately, this can spiral out of control to the point where things become too overwhelming because you’re trying so hard to do everything at the same time.

And it can show up in different ways – for example

  • procrastination
  • imposter syndrome
  • second-guessing yourself all the time
  • being indecisive
  • not doing what you say you will do.

Which unfortunately leads to one thing – even more stress and feeling like it’s too difficult or too complicated.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Because if you want to grow a prosperous business, it’s essential to realise that it’s not just about STRATEGY – you also need to be mindful of your ENERGY.

This is because your energy is what drives your business.

And when you are in ALIGNMENT with your business, you will

  • find more flow
  • create more fun
  • be more connected with yourself and your clients and
  • grow a prosperous business doing what you love most.

So if you want to grow your business with more ease and joy this year, tune in to see how your energy is showing up.

If you want to learn how to align your energy with the energy of your business so you can grow an even more prosperous business this year, click the link to book your FREE 60-minute Business Alignment call (valued at $250).

During this Zoom call, you will

  • gain a better understanding of your current situation and the FASTEST WAY to align your business
  • Learn what your top priority block is that is holding you back
  • Receive your PERSONALISED Masterplan
  • Decide on your very next moves to get started.
About Melanie

Melanie Yeoh is a kinesiologist and mindset coach, with a passion for helping business owners succeed.

20 years ago, after graduating from University with a Biomedical science degree, Melanie was working as scientist in spinal cord injury research. During this time, she had the opportunity to meet former Superman, Christopher Reeve when he visited Australia.

This meeting changed her life because she realised that life can change in an instant – and it’s not worth spending time in a job that didn’t completely fulfil her or light her up.

So she made the decision to take action and study remedial massage at night school.

14 years ago, Melanie decided it was time to what she loved and her business was born in a tiny, window-less room, sandwiched between the weights room and the mens’ room in a gym in Martin Place.

She she shared with two other therapists and quickly managed to out-grow it. So she decided that she would take the plunge and rent a room full time from within an acupuncture clinic.

Things were going great, until Melanie hit a turning point in her second year of business…

Where she started to become so stressed that her body started to literally breakdown, and she developed psoriasis on her hands and elbows, which impacted her ability to work greatly.

And it was because of this extremely debilitating time of her life, that she happened to meet a kinesiologist who would also, change her life forever.

As a biomedical scientist and remedial massage therapist, Melanie thought she knew about how the body worked….

But what she had been missing throughout all her training, was the vital connection – the link between your mental and emotional state, your energy and physiology.

And through her experience with her kinesiologist, Melanie was so captivated by the power of working with energy that she decided to take action and immersed herself into studying 5 different streams of kinesiology.

During this time, she also became a qualified coach, Reiki and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner.

Her biggest driver in her quest for knowledge was the fact that she realised that HER BUSINESS COULD ONLY GROW AS SHE GREW.

And, with the help of several different business coaches, mentors and many personal development courses, Melanie has spent well over $100,000 in education and training to help improve her knowledge and skills around business and personal development.

All of this paid off… and within a few short years of starting her own business, she had fulfilled her vision of operating her own 3-room clinic with six staff, in the middle of Sydney CBD.

Three years ago, Sydney was unfortunately plunged into lockdown as a consequence of COVID-19, and after toughing it out for 18 months, Melanie decided to make the heart-crushing decision to close the doors of her remedial massage clinic.

The good news is, that this meant that she could really focus on combining her passion for mindset, energy work and business…

Because she had discovered that the there are all inextricably linked to each other.

As a result, Melanie now dedicates her life to helping other healers, coaches and spirit-led entrepreneurs to grow their business, using the skills and knowledge that she’s acquired over her years.

Melanie offers 1:1 private as well as group coaching and workshops to help her clients to eliminate self-sabotage and grow a prosperous business doing what they love most.

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