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How To Attract Aligned Clients In Your Coaching Or Healing Business

How to Attract Aligned Clients in Your Coaching or Healing Business

Wondering how you can attract aligned clients in your coaching or healing business?


If you’re a coach or a healer looking to grow your business to consistent $5 or $10k months, and you are
–  spending tonnes of money on marketing or sales courses
–  haven’t found a way of selling that feels aligned for you
–  still struggle to attract aligned clients…

✋STOP paying for more marketing or sales courses.


That’s because sometimes what we observe in our business are merely symptoms or something more.


Just like in our body…


When we have symptoms (eg. a runny nose or skin or digestive issues) it can often be due to a different underlying cause.


And if we look at treating the symptoms only, then we miss the bigger picture.


Think of it this way.


If your business has potholes (problems) showing up, patch fixing the potholes won’t stop the holes from reappearing.


In fact, it might even make your business journey bumpier.


So what if you were to find out why the potholes are showing up in the first place? 🧐


Wouldn’t that make more sense?


(Check out this video for more:


Using business kinesiology, you can start to unravel the cause behind why you procrastinate or hold yourself back from fully embracing your power.


And instead of spending all of your energy trying to fill in the potholes, you can get rid of what’s stopping you from deciding to take action… 🥳


So you can start to show up, be seen and heard for who you are (and create the business you desire!)


If this resonates with you, and you want to find a better way to attract aligned clients to your coaching or healing business; click here and let’s come up with a strategy to help you help more people.

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