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Worried Your Social Media Posts Aren’t Going Viral?

Worried Your Social Media Posts Aren’t Going Viral?

Worried that your social media posts aren’t going viral?

If you are a spirit-led coach or healer who

❤️ spends 2+ hours per day creating content because you want things to be perfect

❤️ would prefer to be doing the coaching or healing instead of content creating

❤️ is tired of the content creation hamster wheel and

❤️ wants to make consistent $5 or $10k per month in your business without relying on social media…


You’re not alone!


There are many people out there who feel the same.


(I used to be one of them!)


I agree that social media is a GREAT tool to help you to grow your business…


But maybe it’s time to STOP focusing on the wrong numbers. ✋✋


‘Cos here’s the thing…

  • It’s not the number of views you get that will grow your business…
  • It’s the number of people who decide to take action and work with you that will make the most difference.


Don’t get me wrong….


The views are great – but I would rather have a small, dedicated audience who is aligned with what I’m saying versus a million followers who never choose to work with me.


Think of it this way…


It’s like you’ve baked the most mouth-watering cake ever… 🍰


Would you rather eat it and share it with people you love and care about… 🥰


Or do you want a million people to look at it and never ever taste it? 😢


If you want to
✅ use social media to become an income stream
✅ attract aligned clients who can’t wait to work with you and
✅ have your audience binge on your content like they do Netflix…


Stop focusing on how many people see your posts.


Don’t worry if your social media posts aren’t going viral…


Instead, start focusing on getting your most aligned message out there. 🔥🔥🔥


Because when you are aligned, you will manifest and attract what you desire.


And you can trust that the RIGHT PEOPLE who need to see your posts WILL SEE IT.


To find out how to create even more alignment in your business, click here to jump on a Business Alignment Masterplan call with me today.

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